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What is a Hybrid Inverter & how does it work?

What is a hybrid inverter

A hybrid inverter is a modern type of solar inverter technology that is gaining popularity in the solar energy industry. They combine the best features of both battery chargers & microinverters, allowing for more efficient energy conversion from solar to AC power. Learn more about the benefits of hybrid inverters and how they work in […]

Can a solar inverter charge a solar battery?

Can a Solar Inverter Charge a Solar Battery?

Wondering if a solar inverter can charge a solar battery? Yes, it can! But you’ll need a special inverter for it to work smoothly. This setup makes your solar power system efficient and dependable, giving you more control over your energy. Key Takeaways If you’re as curious about solar energy as we are, you’re in […]

Top 4 Best & Affordable Hybrid Inverters in 2023

Top 4 Affordable Hybrid Inverters

With the latest announcement of stage 6 load shedding South Africans are now looking for more affordable backup power solutions.  There are quite a few Hybrid Solar Inverters on the market but most of them are completely out of budget for most South Africans looking to go off the grid.  Fortunately, Off Grid Power Solutions […]

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