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Frequently Asked Questions

Lithium is by far the best option, due to the high output of between 90% and 95% of the wattage of the battery, whereas the gel battery only allows 60% of the capacity of the battery.  For example, a 100AMP Lithium Battery will give you 90 to 95AMPS, whereas the 100AMP Gel battery only gives you 60AMPS.

Lithium Phosphate batteries have a longer shelf life. Lithium Phosphate batteries have move cycles (for instance, the Lithium Phosphate battery gives you between 3500 and 16000 cycles, depending on the depth of discharge. 
The Gel battery gives you between 1000 and 3000 cycles)

Lithium phosphate batteries have a built-in Battery Management System (BMS), which protects the battery not overcharging and running it down too low.

Yes, if you have solar panels.

Yes, you can go:

  1. SUB (1=Solar, 2=Utility, 3=Battery)
  2. SBU (1=Solar, 2=Battery, 3=Utility) – This is the best way to save on electricity

Yes, if you have solar, batteries and inverters.

Yes, it’s possible once approved.

Yes, preferably an approved Goscor installer, as they know our products and completed training on our range of products.

Depending on the inverter size and the wattage per panel (ie.  A 5000W inverter, can work with 12 x 405WATT panels)

All dependant on how much wattage per house you use. Ie. If you have a 5000W inverter, and you utilising 1000W = 5 hours of power supply.

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